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Capabilities Summary
You have the need for essential safety and security products and uniforms.  We have the sourcing solution to meet all your safety, security and uniform needs.  

Scan & Storage
You have important documents and records.  We have safe, secure and digitally available solutions.  It's the future.

Shred & Recycle
You have the need for a safe, secure, cost effective shredding and recycling solution.   We have simple, secure, smart, and environmentally responsible solutions. 

Construction & Transport
You have a project and need someone to depend on.  We have the knowledge, experience, skill and cost effective solution you need.  

You have the need for hardware, chemicals, janitorial supplies, office supplies and office furniture.  We have a dependable, experienced, cost effective supply chain you need in a central location.  

You have to market your business. We have the resources to get it done. 

Street Smart Skills
You have the need for staff, employee screening and training.   We have just the labor source you need. 
You have the need for educational, public safety and re-entry services and materials.  We have what it takes to provide you solutions.
Service-disabled veterans are the only group that currently receive targeted opportunities for California’s billions of dollars in annual contract awards.

Are You Ready? An in-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness here.
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